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日期:[2024年02月08日] -- 华商报 -- 版次:[A4]

秦岭根 炎黄情

The root of Qinling sentimental Attachment to descen-dants of Yan and Huang emperors
   Guimao year will do,the Spring Festi-val of Jiachen year is getting close.For hundreds of millions of Chinese people,the Spring Festival is not only a traditional feast,but also a cohesion of culture and emotional sustenance.At this time,no matter where they are,the Chinese descen-dants will be eager to step on the way home.
   The Qinling Mountains,a magnificent mountain that has been regarded as the boundary of north and south since ancient times,carries the long history of China.Walking into the depths of the Qinling Mountains,looking at the strong roots of those trees,and feel the vitality of roots in this land.
   We hope that these wonders of the Qinling Mountains,like the whispers of the native accent,can awaken the sleep-ing belonging and homesickness in the same blood,and awaken the warmest and soft memories in the hearts of every wan-derer who is far away from home.


  Huge root system in Paomaliang,Ningshan County,Ankang City
   The bare roots tight-ly embrace the earth,si-lently telling the tenacity and tenacity of life.Moss grows among the roots,and they spread quietly,adding a touch of green to the land.


  Baidaoyu root vein of Chang'an District,Xi'an City
   In cope to the changing environment,the roots pen-etrate into the soil,and grow stronger.Over time,the roots emerge from the ground,and even climb up the ladder.Those embracing earth tightly,like the tex-ture in the trees and wilder-ness,showing the peace and tenacity portrayed by the years.


  The tree lean on stone,between Huangbaiyuan River in Taibai Mountain,Baoji City
   The tree stands by the stream,its roots are stubbornly out from the hard rock cracks.Un-able to penetrate the obstacles of the rock lay-er,it will spread along the stone surface,calmly deal with adversity,quietly accumulate strength,and eventually become full of vitality and flourishing.


  Ancient trees in Houzhenzi Town,Zhouzhi County,Xi'an City
   On the bank of the river,towering ancient trees are deeply rooted,its slender and flexible roots like embroidery in the clear water.This for-est and stream blend with each other,just like a natural poem between heaven and earth.Cling to the bank,the ancient roots both absorb water and protect the bank,the river around the trees,clear and green,dependent on each other.


  Two old trees between Xixiang County’s riv-er,Hanzhong City
   The lush old trees along the two streams and sunlight make people feel quiet first,and then people will notice the firmness of the two old trees.Their trunks are full of traces of time,the tangled roots,drill out of the soil and the gravel,showing the tenacity of life and the vicissitudes of time. 华商报记者 李杰/图 王煜鑫/文(常媛/译)